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[[File:1g Diagram.jpg]]
[[File:1g Diagram.jpg]]
[[File:Cable 1g example.png]]

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91-95 Cars, having a non OBD2 are kinda harder to datalog with most of the commercial readers unless you got a specialized product or a really good and expensive solution, but with this you will be able to log your car and build this cable with less than 20 dollars.

Disclamer, this information is out there, either on DSM forums or the 3si forum, the 94-95 cable is pretty much Gatecrasher idea, not taking credit, just put this so everyone can build one.

You will need:

FTDI Serial to USB cable.

Type of cable 1.jpg
Type of cable 2.jpg
Type of cable 3.jpg

You can buy this locally, ebay, amazon, etc. Just MAKE SURE that this cable uses the FTDI chipset, ask the seller, read the auction, it needs to be detected as a device with a chip from FTDI.



You can use the Male / Female version, if you switch to the female, make sure that you change the part for the d-sub connector for a male version.

2G ECU (94-95)

Pos Description Mouser #
R1, R2, R6, R7 4x 560 Ohm 1/4w resistor Example
R3, R4, R5 3x 4.7k ohm 1/4w resistor Example
T1 BC556 / 2N3906 Example
T2 BC546/2N3904 Example
J1 9 Pol Dsub female Example
- D-sub housing Example
J2 16 pin OBD2 connector Example
- vero board Example

Diagram 91-93.jpg

1G ECU (91-93)

Pos Description Mouser #
D 1N914 Example
R 10k ohm 1/4w resistor Example
J1 9 Pol Dsub female Example
- D-sub housing Example
J2 12 pin OBD1 connector Example
- vero board Example

1g Diagram.jpg

Cable 1g example.png