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There are various types of bedroom lighting and each type serves a different purpose. While most bedroom's have general lighting, the most over looked type of lighting in the bedroom is a reading lamp, yet most families have at least one or two members who enjoy reading in bed.
Having a good over bed lamp designed specifically for reading can make reading at night more comfortable and easier on your eyes.
What Is An Over Bed Lamp?
An over bed lamp is a lamp that literally goes over the bed. These lights come in different There are lights that clamp onto the headboard of your bed, lamps that hang onto the wall and have a cord and a plug that fits into a plug-in, and those over the bed lamps that are hardwired right into your electric main.
Headboard lights that simply clamp onto your headboard do not place the light directly onto the pages of your book the way they should and quite easy to get knock about and even off the head board even when you are sleeping.
Why Choose An Over Bed Lamp?
Over the bed reading lights are beneficial because these lights sit high enough that the light shines over your shoulder onto your book when you are sitting up reading in bed. Since most reading lamps that fit over the bed come with adjustable arms or heads so that you can direct the light beam exactly where you want it to go.
Most reading lights come in either incandescent lighting or LED lighting. LED lighting is newer, but considered better for reading in bed for the following reasons:
LED lights are brighter than more traditional lights- LED lighting is brighter than more traditional lights so that you have plenty of light to read
LED lighting is energy efficient- LED lighting only uses about 80% of the energy that more traditional types of lights need. Since this type of lighting uses less energy it can save you money in the long
LED bedroom lighting is long lasting- Since most LED bedroom lights uses the latest in LED technology you can expect one of these lights to last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours depending on the specific light.
LED reading lights are very low maintenance.- Since LED reading lights do not use light bulbs, they require very little maintenance. All you need to do is dust your light occasionally in order to keep it looking good.
LED lighting is very environmentally friendly- LED lighting is very environmentally friendly. LED lights contain no toxic material, have no light bulbs that need to be thrown out, and are 100%
LED over bed lamps need to be hard wired into your 240 electric main and requires the services of a licensed electrician to properly wire the Once the light is wired in you should have years of comfortable reading with a reliable over the bed light.