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A search and rescue operationlaunched after an old bridge collapsed in south Goa on Thursday evening — has been affected by the presence of crocodiles in the river. Bodies of two people have been recovered so far and several are still missing as divers are finding it difficult to go deep into the Sanvordem river due to Search operations resumed on Friday morning to locate missing people who fell into the river after the dilapidated Portuguese-era bridge across the river collapsed. Dozens had gathered on the bridge to watch a man trying to commit suicide. Two bodies were recovered so far while about 20 swam to A few others are still said to be missing. The rescue operation began at 7.30 am today and efforts are on to check whether there are any more bodies in the water,' said superintendent of police (South) Shekhar Prabhudesai.

Danielle McLaughlin's naked body was discovered in a field near a beach on March 16, with injuries all over her body. Police have arrested a local man for her rape and murder. She was buried in her hometown of Buncrana on Thursday following a funeral attended by hundreds. The following day, more than 1,500 attended a commemoration for her in the Indian town of Canacona, where she died. Many Western countries warn visitors about the risk of such attacks in India, where levels of sexual violence are relatively high. A 35-year-old Japanese tourist was raped in southern India last December and in 2014, a Danish woman was gang-raped in New Delhi after she became lost and asked for directions to her hotel. Five men were sentenced to life imprisonment last June over that attack.

Joshi has ambitious expansion plans for his hospitality division. Currently, the company owns two properties - Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa and Beatle Hotel in Powai, Mumbai. "By 2018 we will have six more properties across India. We are looking at Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. I have Planet Hollywood franchise for the entire country and will be opening up 10 -12 Planet Hollywoods, including restaurants and hotels. Not necessary all of them will be mine, I will add two more hotels. I am also trying to get a new chain, which has not entered the Indian market yet. It will be a large company and I do not want to talk about it now.

I am also in talks with other brands that are existing in the country for some of my properties. It will be a mixed portfolio, some would be managed by us and some by operators," mentioned Joshi. The properties will be in metros and Tier I cities. "We have been investing in hospitality since 2002 while acquiring the real estate. That has gone to the tune of INR 1500 crores, to develop the properties another INR 1500 crores will go in," he informed, pointing out that alcohol business in the next five years will take another INR 500 crore. He is looking at acquiring more brands, in the category of Scotch, Single Malt, whiskies. The packaging has been changed, with a redesigned crown and embossed logo.

The initial investment entails expansion of the plant facilities in Goa to increase production and marketing it across India, in phases. Viiking Ventures has formed a 20 year partnership with Impala Distillery and Brewery, under which the latter will be taking care of the production process while the former will be responsible for The production capacity is being increased by almost three times (from 30,000 cartons a month to 1 lakh cartons). Joshi informed that the target is to go up to 10 lakh cartons per month in the next three years.He is looking at investing another INR 100 crore in the brand in the future.

"I understand the pulse of the youth. I have been taking Kings Beer for over a decade now. After 22 years of the brand being in Goa, we will be taking it to the rest of the country," he said. The beer brand will be available in Mumbai in mid August. Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are the four states where the brand is being introduced initially, followed by other states. "We are also planning to launch in six countries. We have already got orders for Goa Premium from the Gulf," stated Joshi. Get live Stock Prices from BSE and NSE and latest NAV, portfolio of Mutual Funds, calculate your tax by Income Tax Calculator, know market’s Top Gainers, Top Losers & Best Equity Funds. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

India is going to have to wait a little longer for its first Playboy bunnies after authorities stopped promoters opening the country's first Playboy club. The government in Goa has, after a month of heated debate, refused permission for the club which had been planned to open in a 22,000 sq/ft open-air site on upmarket Candolim beach. But in the end local officials stopped the club from opening in one of India's best-known party locations on technical grounds. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told the state assembly yesterday that licenses to run so-called beach shacks - even ones as large as the proposed Playboy club - could not be granted to companies, only individuals.

Share 'We cannot give them a license to operate a beach shack,' Mr Parrikar said of the application by Mumbai-based PD Lifestyle, which last year got hold of an exclusive license to market the Playboy brand in India. The company had planned to start with the club in Goa and then expand to the southern city of Hyderabad. PB Lifestyle chief executive Sanjay Gupta said last year he was working to recast Playboy into an aspirational lifestyle brand, distancing his firm from nudity and toning down the traditional, body-hugging bunny costume. Goa's decision does not bar the opening of a conventional Playboy club in in the state, just the beach shack.

But Mr Lobo has called on the government to prevent Playboy from setting up shop in any form in the state. It is not just a question of permitting Playboy in Candolim. It should be banned across Goa, because Goa should be veered away from international chains which promote vulgarity,' he said. He has been acting as a de facto spokesman for the project during the controversy. It would have been great for Goa to have an international lifestyle brand. There is no question of vulgarity. Our bunny costumes which we had designed were more sober than the one's worn by the cheerleaders at the IPL (Indian Premier League),' Mr Fernandes said, referring to a raucous Indian cricket league. Mr Gupta did not immediately respond to a message left at his office, the Associated Press reported.

Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar has accused a Nigerian diplomat of sending offensive text messages to a senior state police officer. The diplomat, a consular official, had warned India that there would be "repercussions" for Indians living in Nigeria if the government did not stop its "crackdown" on Nigerians based here. The chief minister, who had on Wednesday called for all illegal immigrants, including those on trial for minor crimes, to be deported from the state, blamed the apprehensions of Nigerians on wrong Share The dispute started last week, when a Nigerian national's murder at Mapusa near Panaji led to a riotous demonstration by around 200 Nigerians, who waylaid the police hearse carrying the corpse and unloaded it on to the road. Around 54 of the protesters were arrested in the wake of the protests on charges of attempt to murder and rioting.

Superintendent of Police ([ north goa beaches] District) Priyanka Kashyap has come in for criticism from several quarters for her failure to control the mob and allegations that she used foul language against a mob of locals that attacked the Nigerians and police. The murder of Obodo Uzoma Simon is being investigated as the result of a feud between two warring gangs dealing in drug trafficking. The state police have already arrested a Goan youth, Surendra Pol, in connection with the killing of Simon, and are on the lookout for six other suspects. Parrikar has said the police have got enough evidence to book Pol and the others. Meanwhile, Goa arts and culture minister Dayanand Mandrekar, who had sparked a major controversy with his xenophobic comment terming Nigerians "cancerous", apologised on Friday. The murder of Simon and the ensuing violence have seemingly sparked a backlash against Nigerian immigrants in Goa. Over the years, Goa has emerged as a haven for multiple criminal activities conducted by foreigners. A thriving Nigerian drug mafia in the tourist state, said to be dealing mostly in cocaine, has given rise to the perception that every Nigerian is involved in drugs, with even the Anti-Narcotics Cell going on record with the claim.

Rajesh Sarokomart Pant is one of six men brought in for questioning by police investigating the 28-year-old backpacker’s rape and murder at an idyllic Indian beach resort in Goa. Pant, who is known as ‘Kanar’, spent hours drinking with adventurer Danielle in various bars in Palolem before she mounted on the back of the scooter of Vikat Bhagat who has allegedly admitted murdering her. The 37-year-old taxi driver later received an early morning text from prime suspect Bhagat demanding help. Today Pant protested his innocence in an exclusive interview with MailOnline. ‘I am innocent,’ he proclaimed. ‘I had nothing to do with Danielle’s It is a terrible crime, a real tragedy, but I had nothing to do with ‘That is me in the picture with Danielle. That was in the Green Park bar.

‘I am not holding Danielle’s hand. She is helping me to stand up. He added: ‘Shortly after that I went home. Danielle got on the back of Bhagat’s I drove my friend home, then picked up my wife and son from a relative’s house and came home. Initially Kanar told MailOnline that he had not been drinking with Danielle after 6pm and that he had come across her by chance at the Green Park bar later in the evening - although they were ‘sitting at different tables’. He said: ‘I was with Danielle in the afternoon. We were drinking beer at the La La Land bar. We all left there at about 6pm. I paid the bill. ‘Then I went to a restaurant to eat fish curry with my friend.

Danielle was there but she was sitting at another table. But when shown the picture of him holding hands with Danielle he changed his story. He explained: ‘Yes that is me in the pictures. ‘I am not holding Danielle’s hand. The picture, the last known photos of Danielle alive, show her holding hands with a local man just hours before she was brutally raped and murdered in Goa. The images show the 28-year-old Briton is a bikini top standing behind a group of tourists in a bar at the popular beach resort of Palolem. She is believed to have left the party just an hour later on a scooter with her alleged killer.

Her stripped and beaten body was found the next morning in a field four miles away. Kanar failed to explain his inconsistent account of his involvement with Danielle on Monday night when confronted with the evidence by MailOnline today. Friends of Danielle say they were put in the same room as the main suspect Vikat Bhagat, who has allegedly confessed to the crime, to identify him. Indian police are facing criticism over their investigation into British backpacker Danielle McLaughlin's rape and murder amid claims they made a series of blunders. The couple have been together for 16 years and have a five-year-old son Rajat. Earlier Kanar’s distraught wife broke down in tears as she explained to MailOnline how the stress of her husband’s involvement in the police investigation into Danielle’s death was making her sad.

Rishma, 31, said: ‘All of this is really getting me ‘I am very sorry for the British girl. But my husband had nothing to do with it. He told me he was not with the British girl that night. Wife Rishma added that Kanar was a ‘good husband’ and was kind to her and their She told MailOnline: ‘My husband really is innocent. He would never do anything like that. He is a devoted family man. ‘He told me that he did not know the British girl and that it was a friend of his who invited him to come for a drink.

And that was where he came across her. She added that prime suspect Bhagat texted her husband early the following day. She said: ‘Early in the morning Bhagat sent my husband a text, saying "Call me". ‘But Kanar was sleeping so he did not answer. I asked him "why does Bhagat text you? Kanar told MailOnline he did not call Bhagat or return his text. Staff at one of the bars where Danielle was drinking on the day of her death confirmed Kanar was with the British backpacker. Police brought Kanar in for questioning following the discovery of Danielle’s battered and abused body. He was later released on police bail but must sign on at the Conacana Police station regularly, along with some of the other six men who were drinking with Danielle that night.

Vikat Bhagat is in custody after allegedly admitting to Danielle’s murder. Friends of the 28-year-old, who lived in Liverpool, have told how they watched dozens of people trample over the crime scene after her body was found stripped and battered on Tuesday morning. Danielle's family has hired a well known Indian lawyer called Vikram Varma who has worked with British mother Fiona MacKeown on the investigation into her daughter Scarlett Keeling's murder. Danielle was last seen dancing and laughing at a party with Bhagat to celebrate the Holi festival at the Green Park resort in Palolem Beach. Other partygoers told how a group of Indian men were 'glued' to Danielle, who had painted her face, at the party for local ex-pats.

Share Another partygoer Angela, 33, said: 'I saw her here and she looked so happy. I noticed she was with three or four Indian men. They were glued to her. It was strange as it was a party for ex-pats but there were these men here. I wanted to ask her what they were doing with her as I could hear her Irish accent. She had two men on each side of her and one in front covering her. But she kept dancing on the floor looking like she didn't have a care in the world. At one point, one of the men wearing a hat came up to me and asked where I was from.

I'm not sure if it was Bhagat as he was covered in paint. But I politely told him to get lost and moved away. It has made me scared for my safety here. Suspect Vikat Bhagat, 23, is pictured with his head covered on Thursday after being arrested over Danielle's murder. On Thursday, police confirmed Danielle's post mortem had been completed as they held Bhagat (pictured) in custody. Danielle McLaughlin's body is now set to be returned to home with friends arriving tonight. Danielle had spent some of the night chatting to British couple David Woodruff. David said: 'She had a strong Irish accent and straight away told me her life story. She was really funny, bubbly girl. She was off dancing and having a great time.

She introduced me to an Indian guy who she knew from last year and said he was going to help find her a place to stay. He was one of the five guys with her but I got a weird vibe from this guy who I guess is Bhagat and not even in retrospect - right at that time. I didn't really talk to him and he just sat there glaring. At the end of the night I said we are going for a quick swim and would she join us to swim around. She said give me two minutes I need to speak with my friend. We went to the sea and we were there for 20 odd minutes but she did not join us. By the time we got back, it was 9.37pm exactly.

Indian police have been slammed over their investigation amid claims they have made a series of blunders. Friends of the 28-year-old, who lived in Liverpool, have told how they watched dozens of people trample over the crime scene after her body was found stripped and battered on Tuesday morning. One friend said she saw 30 or more men standing next to her body taking photos and watching. It has also emerged that friends were put in the same room as the main suspect, Vikat Bhagat, who has allegedly confessed to the crime, to identify him. And there is also surprise that Bhagat was free despite having a long criminal record.

She was with him (Vikat) only all the time. They were last seen at Green Park Resort. They drank there and then hopped to some other pubs. They were not in any relationship and we cannot confirm if they were physically involved before. But the accused said he felt an urge to have sex with her and confessed to raping. But because she was struggling he attacked her head with a beer bottle and she died instantly. He was apparently helping her with a stay at Palolem where she had come a day before for Holi celebrations. We have spoken with all the resort owners where she was seen the day.

There were some four other friends of the accused but they don't seem to have been involved. The victim and Vikat did not have a brawl as such. He tried to force himself onto her and he raped her. But as she struggled he hit her and she must also have fought back. We have the post-mortem report and the accused has confessed to the crime as well. Last night, pictures emerged of the suspect being escorted to a police station with a bag over his head, as authorities confirmed the 28-year-old backpacker was raped before her death. It has since emerged that Danielle's family have hired well know Indian lawyer Vikram Varma who has worked with Brit mum Fiona MacKeown on the investigation into her daughter Scarlett Keeling's murder.

Last night, pictures emerged of the suspect being escorted to a police station with a bag over his head, as authorities confirmed the 28-year-old backpacker was raped before her death. Danielle was found dead on Tuesday morning after she had attended Holi celebrations at Palolem beach. Her alleged killer reportedly sexually assaulted her and 'disfigured' her face with a beer bottle. A post mortem on Danielle has revealed that she was strangled to death later that night and it also confirmed she had been sexually assaulted. Two pathologists revealed that she had died as a result of a compression of the neck and their report has been passed to police. Ms McLaughlin's badly beaten body was discovered by a farmer at Deobag Beach about four miles away on Tuesday morning.

Floral tributes are left on Deobag beach in Goa, India where Danielle McLaughlin was found dead. Danielle McLaughlin, 28, was found dead on Tuesday morning after attending Holi celebrations in southern Goa. Her family will then be able to take her body home which is currently being sorted by the British Consulate. Tavares said: 'She died of compression of neck and suffered cranial cerebral damage. There was also wounds showing there was rape. It comes as it emerged that Ms McLaughlin may have met her alleged killer a year ago and amid claims he told police he was not alone when the backpacker was killed. Officers are now understood to be quizzing three other suspects.

Backpacker Ms McLaughlin, who arrived in Goa on February 23, had been at Agonda beach and Patnem beach with friends during her first fortnight in the state. It emerged that Bhagat has told police that he was friends with Danielle and the pair had first met on her previous visit a year ago. Taveres added: 'We suspect Vikat tried to sexually assault her as he has injury marks on groin area and thighs. They do not look like nail marks but they are deep cuts. It seems the deceased struggled to get off his grip. But we cannot tell you anything until the post-mortem report is out.